Courses We Offer

Indigenous People and Mining

Part One: Indigeneity Concepts and Context

This course examines the complex idea of indigeneity and surveys several active mining regions in the world to discuss the Indigenous context in those countries.
Offered via Edumine. Certification available.

Indigenous Peoples and Mining

Part Two: Interests Through the Mining Life Cycle

This course surveys key activities in each phase of the mining life cycle and how these activities could both affect and benefit Indigenous peoples.
Offered via Edumine. Certification available.

Government Engagement and the Mining Sector

This course enables attendees to understand the nuances of government-industry engagement. It provides tools and techniques for regulators to engage industry, and industry to engage government regulators.
Offered in-person.

Community Engagement and Risk Management

This course develops an approach for  industry and government proponents to   integrate community engagement into internal and external risk assessment and risk management processes.

Offered in-person.

Environment and Impact Assessment

This course provides an in-depth look into the process, regulatory requirements and resource committments needed to undertake federal impact assessments. Depending on client needs, this course will include international requirements (e.g. IFC, GRI) and specific provincial/state requirements.
Offered in-person.

Organizational Resilience

Organizational resilience should not be perceived as a choice between business practice continuity and adaptability to changing circumstances. This course enables participants to bring these two concepts together: business continuity in the face of massive disruptions, and long-term viability within the context of an always-changing environment. 

Offered in-person