Project Direction and Management

Cedar Water Strategy specializes in leading, managing and anticipating the environmental and socio-economic regulatory processes across various sectors including natural resources, energy and transportation. We provide immediate and long-term strategic guidance from project initiation through permitting and beyond the receipt of all critical approvals. Using effective communication and planning, CWS helps organizations keep projects on time and on budget by providing cost and time saving solutions throughout the project life-cycle.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Addressing risks and mitigating them efficiently and effectively is vital to achieving business objectives. Cedar Water Strategy specializes in enterprise risk management and devising strategies to manage risk effectively within the natural resources sector. In addition to providing analysis and strategic direction, we develop and operationalize situation specific frameworks to address the activities organizations require for risk mitigation. CWS determines when and where risk management needs to take place and how the output of these activities are used optimally in operational and strategic decision making. 

Strategic Regulatory Navigation

Advancing a project through the environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) and permitting processes can seem daunting and unpredictable. Drawing on expertise gained from working in varied jurisdictions, sectors and projects, Cedar Water Strategy specializes in facilitating the efficient and effective completion of projects within complex regulatory frameworks. We provide the strategic advice and guidance as well as the operational services – including preparation of all regulatory submissions – needed to execute projects successfully. From outlining what to expect and when, through the phases of permitting from project conception to operations to follow-up monitoring Cedar Water Strategy simplifies and streamlines the regulatory process for our clients.

Corporate Training and Capacity Building

The regulatory, extractive and community relations fields can be rapidly changing and confusing environments. Cedar Water Strategy supports the success of public and private sector organizations by helping them maintain awareness and stay current on the trends, changes and best practices in our areas of expertise. We have considerable experience providing presentations and consultations to various sized groups on topics such as environmental and extractives regulation, enterprise risk and community and Indigenous relations.

Due Diligence and Auditing

Identifying deficiencies is a critical component in assessing business opportunities and performance. Cedar Water Strategy are experts in providing independent third party assessments to support organizations in their decision making processes including those related to acquisitions and performance. Through due diligence investigations and third party or internal auditing, CWS supports clients in their acquisition decision making process as well as in meeting and exceeding industry standards, best practices regulatory requirements. The CWS principle and consultants are verified service providers of the Mining Association of Canada’s Towards Sustainable Mining approach. 

Executive Board Advisory Services

A fulsome understanding of the risks and challenges that their companies face is critical for executive board members. On a one-time or on-going basis, Cedar Water Strategy provides customized training for board members, helping them understand these issues including their associated costs and timelines in order to make the strategic decisions that are necessary to support their organization’s success. 
We have developed a reputation for providing reliable third party review and perspective on a range of subject matter including risk management, good governance, technical and scientific project components, jurisdictional, regulatory and permitting issues and community engagement.

Social and Environmental Strategies

Environmental and social strategies are key components to advancing many organizations’ goals. In multiple sectors meeting social and environmental performance standards are essential to acquiring permits, securing social license to operate and meeting financing requirements (e.g. Equator Principles). Cedar Water Strategy designs and implements, evaluates and improves social and environmental strategies for our clients using best practice tools and approaches. These include environmental and social impact assessments, third party reviews, dialogue, consultation and collaboration, community capacity building, outreach and engagement strategies and multi-stakeholder processes. We excel at building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders including Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities and governments. Cedar Water Strategy’s clients benefit from these ongoing relationships that we foster with stakeholders in Ontario, Canada, and around the world.